Works in one of the most dynamic sectors and with more labor insertion. Develop your creativity, with new technologies, with new methods. Elaborate webs, apps, banners, and flyers. Work in events.


This Higher Degree is taught in PRESIDENTIAL and ONLINE mode.


We train our students to be able to assume positions of responsibility within the Marketing and Communication areas of any company.

We also encourage their entrepreneurial spirit so that in the future they can even stand out as independent professionals or entrepreneurs.

Senior technician in marketing and advertising

As a guide, we present you with examples of professional fields, functions, and activities that an expert in this sector can perform or perform, as well as an outline of their job prospects.

You should bear in mind that this information may vary depending on the geographical area and the current situation of the sector.

Professional outings

This professional will be able to work in departments of marketing, communication and press offices in companies of any productive sector and, mainly, of the area of commerce and public and private marketing (advertising agencies, market research institutes, and public opinion, etc.). The main activities where they develop their profession are communication, advertising, and events in the public and private sectors.

Functions and activities

This professional can work as marketing / advertising technician; technical officer in public relations; survey agent; technician in market studies and public opinion; technical of marketing and communication events. Its primary functions will be planning and development of policies and marketing plans; conducting surveys and interviews; design of public relations policies; management of customer service and information services and customer complaints and claims; development, monitoring, and control of advertising media plans; elaboration of publipromocionales and informative materials.

Labor prospects

In recent years, the trade sector has required professionals with adequate training in marketing actions, market studies, efficient information systems, with excellent communication skills and ability to take advantage of new information and communication technologies to manage business knowledge Good job prospects, despite the fact that due to the crisis the demand for these profiles has decreased a bit.